Created by sinus sufferers for sinus sufferers

About Us

“We know that time is precious so to cut a long story short my wife and I suffered from chronic sinusitis for a number of years (in my wife’s case for over twenty years!). They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ but in our case it was desperation

One day I got out of my car and as a chilling blast of wind struck me in the face and numbed my intense sinus pain and headache I had a eureka moment – that I would create my own cure. 

I know it sounds cheesy and that these things only happen in the movies, but that is how it happened and I now believe we were meant to go through all of our suffering to bring me to that precise moment. So that it would lead us to creating our business to help support ourselves through the recession (we were struggling to pay our bills) and helping others in the process.

We had been to see numerous doctors, ENT specialists and tried EVERY remedy under the sun (you have probably been there and have the T shirt) but nothing worked and the worst feeling in the world was that feeling of absolute helplessness. As if you were at the bottom of a hole and couldn’t get out and all you needed was a helping hand. 

When dealing daily with headaches (like an electric current being pulsed through my brain), sinus pain, aching teeth (my wife had this), fatigue – the whole nine yards! The world doesn’t feel like such a nice place and everything seemed greyer and lifeless. 

The icing on the cake for me was when I told my doctor about the fatigue and he looked at me with such disbelief that I felt as if I was from a different planet! 

Needless to say I left that day lower than ever and without any remedy from the doctor, as per usual. 

When my wife and I created our nasal spray I was also going through a personal crisis. And although it would have been oh so easy for me to have just stayed in bed and pulled the covers over my head, something drove me to dig deeper than I had ever dug before, to create SinuSoothe. 

We know that life can be hard sometimes, but our experience has taught us that their is light at the end of the tunnel if you can just keep going. And that your health is your real wealth and is the foundation for an abundant, fulfilling life. 

We must have created and tried over one hundred different formulas and when we hit the bullseye, and our final formula cured us, it was as if the world had been lifted off of our shoulders. 

Some of our friends and family then asked if they could use it for their sinus issues and it worked for most of them also. The rest is history.

SinuSoothe won’t work for everyone, but it has been a lifeline for thousands of people and has even been called a ‘Godsend’ and ”the holy grail of nasal sprays”. Having been in your shoes, what we would say is, it is definitely worth trying if you have reached a dead end and/or you want to try a natural alternative for your sinus condition. 

And if, for any reason, you are reluctant to try our nasal spray, we would urge you to keep an open mind and try other natural remedies. Don’t lose hope because there is a cure out there for you, waiting to be found. ” James & Jacqueline Shearer, Co-founders, Sinusoothe.