Created by sinus sufferers for sinus sufferers


‘We created SinuSoothe to cure our own sinus issues because the doctors and ENT specialists couldn’t help us and after spending hundreds of dollars on OTC and alternative treatments we were at a dead end and pulling the hair out of our heads! They do say God helps those who help themselves, and in our case there were never truer words spoken! You can find out more on our ABOUT US page. Check out a handful of our customer testimonials below.’ James & Jacqueline Shearer

“I have a severe sinus infection that has lasted more than a year. Antibiotics had no effect. Sinusoothe causes my sinus cavities to drain. I get lots of coloured mucus out. The pressure is almost gone. I would highly recommend your product.”
P. D, Ft Myers, Florida

“Within a few days of using SinuSoothe my nasal congestion eased a lot and my sense of smell began to return. I don’t suffer from severe sinus pain and headaches any more and I wish to give you my heartfelt thanks.” 
M. T, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Your product is very good and I recommend it to everybody I meet with sinus issues.” 
P. N, New York, New York State

“Allergies run in my family and I have suffered from them ever since I can remember. My nose used to run constantly and now when it happens I use SinuSoothe which almost immediately stops it. My sinus allergies aren’t as bad anymore and I put this down to your product. Most of my family use it. It’s a great product.Please keep producing it.” 
D.A, Ames, Iowa

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 
C. F, San Antonio, Texas

“My sinuses are no longer blocked and for the first time in years I can breathe through my nose without having to use a nasal spray daily. I was addicted to a well known brand of decongestant nasal spray for five years and was so embarrassed about it I never told anyone except my husband. I used it morning and night. I also suffered from depression due to my addiction. The best thing I ever did was to use SinuSoothe. The feeling of being free from my decongestant nasal spray is wonderful. I am happy again and rather than surviving from day to day I am now living my life once again.” 
C. H, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“You have put a spring in my step. No more awful headaches, no more blocked nose, no more feeling down in the dumps.” 
M. H, Hueytown, Alabama

“Before I discovered your product (SinuSoothe) there seemed to be no end to my sinus discomfort and headaches. There is now no greater feeling than knowing that there is a product out there that can offer a helping hand in a time of need. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate this product.” 
D. S, Anaheim, California

“I was told by my ENT that i have an infection behind my voice box. He recommended drugs, which I dont like to use. I have found that this product has helped in clearing the infection. I dont get that really nasty taste in my mouth after waking up in the morning. No matter how much antibiotics I took it did not eradicate the infection. That is why I am so thankful for having found this product. This stuff is unbelievable.” 
S. W, Garden Grove, California

“I used to dread the hayfever season because I knew that misery was just round the corner. Now I use SinuSoothe when hayfever strikes and it helps me cope. Thanks for this wonderful nasal spray.” 
J. R, Richmond, Kentucky

“Excellent customer service with a personal touch. It really feels like you care.” 
K. G, Tucson, Arizona 

“Knock on wood, my rhinitis has gone since I regularly used SinuSoothe. I still use it when I catch a cold and would not use any other nasal spray. I think this nasal spray is a godsend and pray that others see the sense to use it. I have recommended it to my nursing colleagues, family and friends. Keep up the great work.” 
C. B, Houston, Texas

“I can’t believe the number of people I come across in college who have sinus troubles. I have told them all about SinuSoothe and how it helped me, so expect an influx of orders from Boston.” 
B. G, Boston, Massachusetts